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We have prepared some rules of stay for the guests of Saša's apartments and rooms. We want you to feel as at home and comfortable as possible, but this would not affect the mood of other guests in the accommodation.

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- Arrival is after 12.00, except by prior appointment at another time agreed with the owner.
- The owner registers the guest on the basis of an identity document.
- Only registered guests can stay in the apartment. Visits must be notified to the owner.
- When taking over a room or apartment with the owner, check the equipment and inventory listed in the list of equipment and inventory.

Always have your keys with you!


- Departure by 10.00, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.
- For shorter stays than originally agreed with the reservation, daily prices are charged according to the valid price list.
- Upon departure, the guest checks with the owner if the installation, equipment and accessories correspond to the taken inventory.
- The guest is obliged to compensate or reimburse the damage caused during his stay on the furniture, floor, windows, doors, equipment or on the building and its surroundings (eg garden, hallway…) in the amount of money before his departure.
- The services related to the guest's stay and compensation for the damage caused are paid by the guest to the owner.
- In case of early departure, you must announce your departure at least one day before departure by 10.00 am, otherwise another day of stay is charged according to the price list.
- When leaving, check all the rooms in case of forgotten things.
- Do not leave any food, rubbish and waste in the apartments, the refrigerator should be turned off. The dishes must be washed, dried and stored in cupboards.


Any change, cancellation and request for a refund of the accommodation must be submitted in writing via e-mail.

Notice periods:

  • 30 days to 15 days before arrival - the guest pays 20 EUR for administrative costs

  • 14 days to 8 days before arrival - the guest pays 50% of the reservation price

  • from 7 days to 1 day before arrival - the advance payment is non-refundable

In case of early departure, the remaining days of the reservation are paid in full.

In some cases of cancellation of the reservation, different conditions for the refund of the advance payment apply (eg illness, force majeure,…).

Loss of accommodation keys is charged € 50.  


Upon confirmation of the reservation in writing, 30% of the total amount of the planned stay must be paid. The method of payment is possible in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

The reservation is provided after receiving the advance payment and a written confirmation from the landlord.

For some cases of rental or reservation, different conditions of stay may be agreed and apply than those stated in these general notices and conditions of stay.

Guests who are not registered in the room or apartment and have not paid for the stay are not allowed to stay overnight.


The guest must complain about irregularities or deficiencies on the spot to the owner of the accommodation on the same day when he finds out about the irregularity.

In the event that, according to the content, the complaint could be resolved on the spot (eg lack of cleanliness, equipment, location,…), and the guest did not inform the above persons about the irregularities, it is considered that the guest agreed with the service. .

The guest can file a written complaint no later than eight days after the end of the stay. Complaints must be substantiated, with appropriate evidence or a certificate sent to the address of the owner of the accommodation.


- During your absence, the door of the apartment should be locked, windows closed, lighting and all electrical appliances (TV, stove) turn off and turn off the water.
- Check with the owner to switch on the heating

- Please do not waste hot water unnecessarily and do not throw away the towels after the first use.
- Smoking is not allowed in the apartments and rooms.
- Please separate waste.
- The landlord does not assume any responsibility for money, jewelry, securities and other items that guests keep in the apartment and cars.

- Free parking is available for guests. The owner assumes no responsibility for the safety of vehicles, any damage to vehicles or objects stored in vehicles.
- The owner of the facility has the right to enter the apartment in the absence of the guest, in special circumstances, to prevent possible damage or danger.
- Do not disturb the order, peace and respect the above rules, especially at night (from 22.00 to 06.00) and during the afternoon rest (from 15.00 to 17.00). Be considerate of your neighbors.
- In case of non-compliance with the rules of the house rules, the owner has the right to cancel the guest's further stay in the apartment, without reimbursement of rental costs.
- In case of inadequate equipment that does not belong in the room or apartment, the guest should agree with the owner on the method and cost of storage.

The guest can file a written complaint no later than eight days after the end of the stay. Complaints must be substantiated, with appropriate evidence or a certificate sent to the address of the owner of the accommodation.

Dear guests!

We wish you a pleasant stay and the realization of your wishes and plans, because of which you are or will come to our Bohinj! We are always at your disposal for additional questions and information.


If we have not answered your questions or would like to be convinced of a particular matter, write to us

070 690 161

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